The editorial team

Amelia – managing director

Somehow, running a publishing house seems to beautifully comprise everything I’ve done so far in my life – from my degree in translation and linguistics, my MA in English literature, to my years as a freelance writer and illustrator, creative writing teacher, office manager, avid tea-drinker, interior designer, lecturer and YouTuber.

I am passionate about diversity, words and writing. What else would I do?

Antonica – head editor

Come daylight Monday to Friday, you can find me in a London editorial office, filling my Recommended Daily Allowance of copyediting and proofreading. Come evening, after a long commute home with my nose in a book, my time is split between my favourite things: books, books and more books. When I’m not working with the wonderful writers at Ink & Locket, I’m editing fantastic science-fiction and fantasy stories for indie publishing house Inspired Quill, or mentoring new writers of marginalised and underrepresented identities. What can I say? I’m a glutton for words.

My main passions are in  YA, science-fiction, fantasy and magical realism. I’m looking for nuanced characters, engaging worlds and strong voices, with positive representations of marginalised and underrepresented communities. #ownvoices strongly encouraged.


What do you think?

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