A bookless book launch

The night before our London release party, the boxes of books still haven’t made their way here. Unless, by some stroke of magic or luck, the books arrive in the early hours tomorrow, the London book launch will be without books – pretty much the worst option for a book launch party. 

However! We hope those of you who were planning to come will still celebrate the book release with Lindsey Williams and Ink & Locket! She will be at the Poetry Café as planned, 3–6pm, and is ready to talk about grammar, share her favourite language facts, play some board games, and celebrate in giddy relief that the long-awaited grammar book can finally be bought on Amazon or ordered through your local bookstore.

M. Amelia Eikli will be waiting eagerly by the door, ready to jump straight on a train should the books arrive in time to catch the end of the party. She’ll also be on twitter (#TPROE) to celebrate with you there.



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