End-of-year updates

If you follow us on any social media, you may have noticed it has been quiet from the Ink & Locket camp for a while. An unplanned move across the country and long-term illness has meant most of our projects have moved along slowly, and some have been put on hold. Here is an update on our current projects at the end of the year: 

An Unlock-it Guide to Grammar and Better Writing

The grammar book written by Lindsey Williams and M. Amelia Eikli is on its way! Our patient authors have now had their book postponed for over a year, but it will soon be out in the world, with cover art by Jonny Eveson. This funny and informative book will be published in 2018, exact date to be announced!

WARRIOR anthology Kickstarter perks

The perks from the Kickstarter have been fulfilled, with one exception. Getting this LGBT short story collection into schools and libraries has proved a bit more difficult than expected, and we’re still working on placing them all. We expect this to be completed early next year.

WARRIOR anthology stretch goals

The audiobook is not yet produced. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the most important reason is that we really want the voice actors to be members of the LGBT community themselves. As we are no longer London-adjacent, getting all the puzzle pieces to fit together is difficult, but we’re confident the audiobook will be smashing when it’s done.

The sponsored writing course spots for young underrepresented voices will be fulfilled by Storywelling in the first half of next year. We will start the application process in February – look out on our twitter and on this page for more information then!


Our submissions window will be closed until further notice.

From all of us at Ink & Locket Press, we wish you happy holidays, a nice and cuddle-filled winter, and an exciting new year!

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