We’re behind!

You may have noticed that all of our projects are a little delayed, and if you have submitted your manuscript to us this year, you will know just how far behind we are.

Unfortunately, due to illness, our editorial team has not been able to keep up with the workload, and we have fallen behind. As a consequence, all our projects are slightly delayed, and we have closed the publishing house for submissions until we’ve caught up with the submissions we have already received.

Some of our projects have been moved from 2016 to 2017.

We apologise for all the delays, and thank you for your patience.

In other news: The launch of the WARRIOR anthology’s crowdfunding campaign is now right around the corner, and we are very excited about how well it’s turning out! We have some really awesome rewards lined up, and the anthology itself is looking better than ever.

Later this week, we will reveal the cover art for the anthology, so stay tuned!
Best regards,

Amelia and Antonica
Ink & Locket

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