We’re seeking women writers of colour!

The publishing industry has been abuzz again after this article about sexism in the publishing industry. A woman author tells us how she received considerably more replies to her book pitches when she signed with a male pseudonym instead of her own name.

This story is depressing, but we know this unconscious bias is far from the only bias in the industry: Authors of colour have a harder time getting represented, published and reviewed. Stories with queer or trans characters or characters with disabilities are far less likely to be published.

At Ink & Locket, our only goals are to increase representation in literature, and to amplify voices that aren’t so widely heard. We are therefore happy to announce our next project, SHADES, which will open for submissions on October 1st.

SHADES is a project specifically formed to present women* writers of colour**.

We seek women of colour who have a story they want to tell. It can be fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose, a collection of essays and articles, short stories, a novel, or something else completely. If you are a strong writer with something to say; we want to provide a way for people to listen.

We will be kickstarting this project, and we will publish as many voices we can afford throughout 2016, in individual of approximately 25-50 000 words. We know October 1st is ages away (let us keep believing that please), but you can help us find the best possible candidates now! There are a wealth of ways you can support the project:

– If you would like to write for the project, feel free to send us an email right away, and ask us any questions you might have
– Tell us if you know of interesting voices you would love to hear more from
– Then tell them about us
– Let us know if you would like to contribute to the project in other ways
– Consider backing the kickstarter when it goes up, and spread the word about our campaign however you can

We are excited! Are you?

* Anyone who identifies as woman
** This term is difficult to define, but for the sake of simplicity we will say: anyone of a race or ethnicity which historically has been considered “other” to those of white European descent.

What do you think?

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