HELP! We need diversity consultants!

Do you have a lot to say about diversity? Are you focused on inclusive language? 
We may need your help! 

A big part of our mission is to write diverse children’s literature where children—regardless of their background, health, family situation or personality—can find heroes to identify with. We want heroes in wheelchairs, heroes with same-sex parents, heroes with trans* parents, heroic boys in tutus and heroic girls in tool belts.

But! We need help understanding the areas of diversity where we ourselves don’t have any first-hand experience. We want to make a small group of “consultants”—people who love literature and who happen to fit within one or more of these identities:

  • trans* people
  • people with chronic illnesses
  • people with disabilities
  • gay men
  • gay non-binary people
  • people with non-binary gender identities
  • people with strong religious beliefs
  • people of color
  • bisexual people
  • you, if you feel you can add something to our understanding of diversity that we do not yet understand that we need!

What we imagine is having you as a sort of consultancy panel—we will run our campaigns and wordings through you, and ask for your feedback. We want you to keep us on our toes and make sure we use inclusive and non-offensive language.

We have no money to offer (new start-up and mostly volunteer-run), but we can offer free books in some system we will work out. Books from the projects you work on? Books for a certain value each year? One book of every title we publish? This will be the first thing we need your input on. What would be fair?

If this sounds like something you would like to help us with, send an email to with some information about yourself, and some input in regards to book payments =)

Even if this isn’t for you, please share this post so we get the best people possible, to make the best diverse literature possible!

We need you super soon! Ideally, we would like most of our group gathered before 15 June! Spread the word, and send us an email ❤

Amelia & Nica
Ink & Locket

2 thoughts on “HELP! We need diversity consultants!

    • Ink and Locket says:

      There is absolutely no prerequisite for being in the panel that you identify with any LGBTQ+ sexual orientation, I am sorry if this is unclear in the description. This is, however, a panel we are creating to give us input on our use of language and communication when writing specifically diverse children’s literature, to avoid it being offensive or non-inclusive, so we need advisers who can contribute guidance in one of the above categories. You will notice that we list people of color, trans* people, people living with chronic illnesses, people with strong religious beliefs and people living with disabilities, non-binary people, and “you if you can…” – neither of which is necessarily linked to sexuality =)

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